Yume wo Ataeru (J-Movie) 2015

Yume wo Ataeru (J-Movie) 2015

Yume wo Ataeru (J-Movie) 2015

Sinospsi Drama Jepang Terbaru Yume wo Ataeru (J-Movie) 2015 : 13 years ago, the Abe family moved to a district surrounded by nature in the outskirts. They were a family of three. A French father, Tomah; Japanese mother, Mikiko; and their young beautiful daughter Yuko. They seemed to be the happy, perfect family. One day, Mikiko sends Yuko to an audition. This is a project to reflect her growth with the CM. Discovered by Murano, the creative director of the CM, Yuko enters show business. Several years later, Yuko, who has a joined an entertainment agency, finally gets her break just as her mother always wanted. She appears on magazine front covers, dramas, variety programmes and CMs. As Yuko rapidly becomes popular, she meets Masaaki, a dancer who appears to be living life of his own accord, and becomes absorbed in romance. But that is the start of a tragedy

Details :
Title: 夢を与える
Title (romaji): Yume wo Ataeru
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: WOWOW
Broadcast period: 2015-May-16 to 2015-Jun-06
Air time: Saturday 22:00
Theme song: dIS de rEAm by Rinbjö

Komatsu Nana (小松菜奈) as Abe Yuko
Tani Kanon as young Yuko
Kikuchi Rinko as Abe Mimiko
Ota Shingo (太田信吾)
Nagaoka Tasuku (永岡佑)
Kageyama Tai (陰山泰)
Mackenyu (真剣佑) as Masaaki
Hamada Tatsuomi
Tanaka Min
Asano Kazuyuki
Odagiri Joe as Murano
De Lencquesaing Nozomi (ド・ランクザン望) as Abe Tomah
Bryerly Long (ブライアリー・ロング) as Sarah
Nakamura Yasuhi

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